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Taking Care of Business for Motorcycle Salespeople

The Business Side of Selling Motorcycles

Taking Care of Business is a program that teaches salespeople to become better business people. Many salespeople simply run their business by “hit or miss.” They come to work in the morning, take whatever the dealership, the economy, or the manufacturer has to give them, then leave the dealership at the end of the day. But throughout that day they never do anything to actually develop their business, and run their business as if they actually owned it.

This is not a selling skills course.
Michael Learning Group has determined that increasing a salesperson’s selling skills alone will not give this individual the tools necessary to attain that next level of success. Once a salesperson learns the basic fundamentals of selling, or the “10 Steps to the Sale”, additional business will come from understanding the business aspect of sales; all of those areas above and beyond the basics that salespeople need to learn.

What if salespeople thought of themselves as business people?
So I started looking at these salespeople sitting at their desks and I asked myself, “if they had overhead to pay, if they had employees to pay, if they had to make sure their company profited

every single month, would they run their businesses differently, then if they thought of themselves as mere salespeople?” And the ultimate response was a resounding, yes!! They’d have to.

Your own business with no investment whatsoever!
When salespeople get hired into a dealership, they get a free phone, a free desk, a free telephone answering service, a free advertising budget, and a million dollars worth of inventory, with no investment on their part whatsoever. All they have to do is run their business from their desks just as if it was their very own business. Well, that becomes the problem. Most salespeople don’t look at it as a business. They look at themselves as salespeople, and it’s the dealership’s responsibility to get them business.

Salespeople need to develop their own business.
Even if it is the dealership’s responsibility to bring in business, if salespeople want to increase their sales and profits above and beyond their current production, they need to begin looking at the details of their business, aside from selling skills.

Business people need to know the numbers.
For years, salespeople have been told that sales is a game of numbers. The more numbers you do, the more sales you make. The problem is, no one ever taught salespeople how to do the numbers. If a salesperson set a goal of 10 sales and $4000 per month, he never really knew whether he reached the goal until the end of the month. He also never had a plan of attack on how to reach the goal. So the result was, this salesperson seldom reached his/her goal. It doesn’t have to be this way. By keeping accurate statistics, real life numbers, a salesperson can conceivably predict exactly what needs to be done in order to reach his goal — because the numbers don’t lie.

Salespeople need the run their business like a business
So Taking Care of Business was developed to teach salespeople to run their business like a business, as compared to running their business by “hit or miss.” As you read through the manual, you will find everything you’ll need to start thinking and acting like a business person. Once you focus your mind in this direction, the sky will be the limit.

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  Download a Sample of Taking Care of Business

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