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Internet Sales Training for Automotive, RV, Motorcycle and Marine Dealerships

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“Winning the Internet Sales Game” is the first (In-the-Box ) training course to help Marine dealerships develop their internet sales. This is an excellent program for Marine dealerships to increase their sales and profits through an exciting and virtually new medium - the internet.

The development of an e-dealership is the next step towards your sales evolution, and "Winning the Internet Sales Game" can make your job much easier. By utilizing the course information found on the CD-Rom, along with the printed materials and forms, you can get your internet department up-and-running in a matter of weeks, not months.

For a small, one-time investment, you can provide internet training for every employee in your dealership. And more importantly, you can recoup your total investment with your very first sale. It doesn’t get any easier, or cost-effective than this.

Chapters in the Winning the Internet Sales Game program include:  
• Introduction • A Look Into the Future • Benchmarks
• Your Website as a Sales Tool • Finding You Through the Search Engines • Internet Technology That's a Must
• Fundamentals of the Internet • Internet Leads and Lead Providers • The Internet Customer
• Developing an Internet Business Plan • Selecting Your Internet Department Setup • Internet Department Tracking Worksheets
• Job Descriptions • Choosing an Internet Staff • The Power of Email
• Understanding the Selling Process • Selling on eBay • Selling Used Vehicles Online
• Email Lead Management • Email Direct Marketing Program • A Complete Glossary of Terms
• Testing and Review Questions    

eBay Motors Training Program  
The second part of the complete package includes the eBay Motors Training program which will guide you step-by-step on the most effective ways to sell your vehicles on eBay.

And finally, the complete package includes the Winning the Internet Sales Game Quick Start Audio, which includes the following segments:
• Introduction • Building an Online Sales System • Developing a Business Plan
• Having the Right Tools • Hiring a Top Notch Internet Sales Manager • The Appointment Coordinator
• Selecting a Lead Provider • Selling the Appointment • The Phone vs Email Debate
• What to Do with Leads You Don't Close • Tracking Your Internet Business • Close

All three of these programs are included in the Complete Program, or can be purchased separately.

Winning the Internet Sales Game for Boat Dealerships

Digital eBook Only

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Winning the Internet Sales Game for Boat Dealerships

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Quick Start Audio CD

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