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Training Audiobooks

Most successful vehicle salespeople and managers would love to improve themselves by reading and taking courses, but lack the time to do so. This is where audiobooks can play an important role in your professional career and give you the competitive edge.


It’s Monday morning and you head out in your car for work. Within minutes of leaving your driveway, you turn off the nice, quiet street where you live and turn into a main arterial road … straight into several congested lanes of traffic!

As you sit there in your car you realize you have several options for the rest of your commute: you can think about what you need to do when you get to the dealership, think about where you’re going to go for lunch, reminisce about the weekend spent with your family or friends, worry about your future, or just tune out and listen to the news or “drive time” music on the radio.


You can listen to a business audio on your MP3 player, iPod or CD Player and gain a competitive advantage over everyone else who is also stuck in traffic waiting to get to or from work!


It’s a well known fact that millions of salespeople and managers drive alone to work everyday.  With the average commute to and from work now reaching over 30-45 minutes each way, that’s almost two months of your life each year spent in transit.

Just think how much you could improve your income or advance your professional career simply by listening each day for fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, maybe even an hour or two to an audiobook containing excellent information on how to improve your selling skills, how to handle objections and close additional sales, ways to improve your internet result, manage your salespeople, increase customer service, etc.


Just think about it! You arrive at the dealership after having been “coached” with excellent information while driving or commuting, your mind is immersed in business thoughts and you’re most likely inspired by a great sales or management idea or tip you’ve just heard. You walk into the dealership and you are focused. Your mind is sharp. Your energy is positive and you look pumped. Your brain is filled with new strategies and ideas and working subconsciously with these to help you achieve the best results and outcomes no matter what challenges may lie ahead for you in your busy day.

As a salesperson or manager, you can now use the amazing value inherent in listening to audiobooks to gain a competitive edge over others. You won’t have to worry about not having the time or will to flip through the pages of a book, or attending a seminar. You can now “listen” to outstanding information when preparing to go to work in the morning, when commuting to and from work, etc.

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