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Testimonials – Letting Your Customers Sell You

Many times in the sales process the prospect asks himself, “Can I trust this person?  Can I believe what he is saying?  Is he telling me the whole truth?”  These questions in the prospect’s mind can cause fears that can stand in the way of a successful sale.  These fears should be anticipated and the solutions to them prepared.  They should be quieted before they become a problem and kill an otherwise good sales approach and presentation.

Testimonials are an excellent way to quiet those fears.  Many times a person will believe what a total stranger will say about you even though they won’t believe what you say about yourself or your vehicles.

A letter of testimony written on the customer’s letterhead, in my opinion, is best if it follows these guidelines:  Ask your customer to answer the following questions in writing and you will have a letter of testimony that is powerful, persuasive and will get the job done for you.

1. Why did you do business with me, or my dealership, or with my vehicle or service?

2. Specifically, what benefits did you gain?  Or how did I help you?  Or what did we do for you?

3. Would you recommend me or my dealership or my products to other individuals?

4. May I have anyone call you to verify the truth of this letter?  Very few people ever call, and you don’t want your customer bombarded with calls – or do you?  People love to give advice and be asked their opinions.  I’ve had clients call me and tell me who called them and what was said.  If you are going to use a testimonial letter from a customer, make sure you are servicing this customer well (that is if you want a favorable report).

When I get testimonial letters, I always underline the key ideas or phrases.  Most people don’t take the time to read the whole letter.  Your eyes immediately focus on the underlined words and sentences.

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