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How to Sell
Automotive Service and Repair
At a Price that Generates Profits!

A complete and comprehensive sales training and marketing strategy program designed to teach Shop Owners, Managers, Service Writers, Technicians, and Salespeople how to do the best possible job of selling to their Wholesale, Fleet, and Retail customers.

Terry Greenhut’s new sales book is now available. It will teach you everything you need to know about marketing and selling your services to retail, wholesale, and fleet customers. But don’t tell too many people about it. If your competitors find out they might buy it and learn how to get top dollar for their work too. Then they might even learn how to attract the same wholesale, fleet, and retail customers that you want.

On the other hand, if your competitors learn to do a really good job of dealing with their customers they might start to charge more for their work making it easier for you to get your price.

That’s the dilemma…. Should we tell them about the book or not? Let’s throw caution to the wind and tell them. In fact, let’s tell the whole Auto Repair and Transmission Industry. Then maybe we can finally get everyone making good money. Wouldn’t that be great?

“How to Market and Sell Automotive and Transmission Service and Repair” is the result of Terry Greenhut’s 30 years of research and practical in-shop application of the best techniques for attracting and selling to customers in the Automotive Aftermarket.

This marketing book will teach you how to make your phone ring with more fleet, wholesale and retail customers than you’ve ever had before. You’ll master the telephone techniques that will turn retail price shoppers into eager customers. You’ll learn how to recognize all of the different customer types so you will better know how to deal with each. You’ll discover a simple-to-follow system for walking the customer through the entire sales process including the all important qualifying questions and presentation of the service recommendations. Then you will find out how to break through the “glass ceiling” of self doubt so you can charge the prices you need to be profitable. In addition you will become highly skilled at handling every price objection you are ever likely to hear and you’ll find out how to follow-up to keep your customers coming back year after year.

In other words, this sales book will teach you how to build a very successful automotive business!

If you want to learn the best sales techniques for marketing and selling your repair and service work this is the book for you. In its 450+ pages lie the answers you’ve been looking for. Curl up with this book for a few nights and you’ll be ready to make more money in the automobile business than many have ever thought possible.

For less than a $100 investment, a little easy reading, and some practical application of the techniques you can become a top-notch sales professional in no time. Anyone can do it. Order yours today! In fact, you may want to order one for each of your associates and competitors as well.


Chapter 1
An Introduction to the Wonderful World of
Automotive Service

Chapter 2
The Author’s Story – Or How to Grow Up in a
Tough World and Become a Success in the Auto
Repair Business

Chapter 3
Sales Volume and How to Increase it Profitably

Chapter 4
Increasing Volume Through Marketing and

Chapter 5
What I Wouldn’t Give to Find a Salesperson

Chapter 6
The Thirteen Rules of Selling in the
Automotive Trades

Chapter 7
The Five Phases of Learning

Chapter 8
The Portrait of an Automotive Professional

Chapter 9
Hiring the Shop Manager or Service Writer

Chapter 10
Understanding Customer Types

Chapter 11
Controlling the Sales Interview

Chapter 12
Questioning Techniques

Chapter 13
Qualifying the Retail Customer

Chapter 14
Objection-Handling Concepts

Chapter 15
Sales-Closing Concepts

Chapter 16
Outside Sales – An Overview

Chapter 17
Hiring the Outside Salesperson

Chapter 18
Prospecting For Fleet and Wholesale Customers

Chapter 19
Planning Your Outside-Sales Presentation

Chapter 20
Wholesale and Fleet –
Making Appointments and Meeting People

Chapter 21
Qualifying the Fleet or Wholesale Customer

Chapter 22
Wholesale and Fleet — Presentation Techniques

Chapter 23
Wholesale and Fleet — Handling Objections

Chapter 24
Telephone-Answering Procedures and Techniques

Chapter 25
The Dog and Pony Show

Chapter 26
Asking For the Order and Closing the Sale

Chapter 27
Handling Price Objections

Chapter 28
Customer Relations

Chapter 29
Customer Follow-Up


Absolutely Free with your order for “How to Market and Sell Automotive and Transmission Service and Repair”

$ALES HELP SCREENS, the software package that will turn your computer into a sales training center. With 134 information screens on sales and shop management issues, Right on the screen, you can actually pop-up the answers to every customer objection to bringing the vehicle in without first having a price. Then the software will help you handle all of the customer’s price objections when it comes time to close the sale. You can also use $ales Help Screens as a training aid any time you have a few minutes to sit down at the computer. This program normally sells for hundreds of dollars. Now it’s included free with your book order.


"How to Sell Service and Repair" by Terry Greenhut
$99.00 + $8 S&H Book US

"How to Sell Service and Repair" by Terry Greenhut
$99.00 + $18 S&H Book International
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