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Automotive Service Advisor Training Program

Automotive Service Advisor Training Program

How many times has a dealership hired a new service advisor, only to find that there is no immediate training program available? And since the Service Manager does not have a curriculum available, the new service advisor tends to flounder around unproductively for longer than needed.

Now there's a program that can get your new service advisors up-and-running quickly, and also keep your existing advisors continuously trained and motivated.

The Automotive Service Advisor Training Program is a series of 11 modules that can be totally customized to each dealerships methods of operation. It comes with the following:

• a Leader's Guide for the Service Manager to train with
• a Workbook for the new service advisor to follow along
• and, already-prepared lessons for the experienced advisors.

If you'd like to view samples of of this program, download the .pdf sample file by clicking on the button to the right. Then, you can order online with a credit card. Whether you purchase the downloadable digital file, or the cd-rom, you'll have a program at your fingertips whenever you need it. More importantly, you'll be able to print a clean copy every time you provide Service Advisor training.

Regularly $169.00

Now Only - $85.00 + FREE S&H
US and International Customers

Regularly $189.00

Now Only - $95.00 + $8 S&H
US Customers

Regularly $189.00

Now Only - $95.00 + $18 S&H
International Customers


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